Storytelling from the Life of Mukunda (Young Yogananda) and other Indian Epics

Julie Willard Hilborn & Eloisa Fuentes, MD

The Mahabharata and Ramayana are great Indian Epics with stories that carry a vibration which uplifts and transforms our consciousness, while still being entertained. The life of little Mukunda (young Yogananda) is filled with wonder, joy, and a deep desire to connect with the heart of the universe. The enthusiasm and joy with which these stories are shared will captivate listeners and keep you wanting more. Expand your awareness, have fun, and learn about these ancient stories and this great Yogi’s playful past, all of which are vehicles for deep spiritual wisdom. All are welcome, both children young and old!

Is Your Child Truly Thriving? Holistic Education for the Heart and Mind
12:30- 12:50pm

Helen Purcell
Join Helen Purcell, principal of Living Wisdom School (LWS) in Palo Alto, to learn more about Education for Life, a pedagogy influenced by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda; connect with the wisdom and joy of Education for Life philosophy and receive a bird’s eye view of what it is, why we need it, and how it works. For more than 40 years, Living Wisdom School has helped children thrive academically and personally, built on the principle that children who are happy and confident approach learning with enthusiasm. Children who feel respected, included, and safe can enjoy the challenges of a rigorous academic curriculum, delivered in an expansive spirit of joyful adventure. Graduates of LWS demonstrate impressive poise, compassion, and inner strength. They know how to laugh, they trust themselves, they practice kindness, and are lifelong learners.

Family Yoga: A Joyful Practice of Yoga for the Entire Family
Evelyn Crespo
Learn how to nourish your family’s innate spirituality with this gentle yoga practice focused on developing both you and your child’s, body, mind, and soul! Bring your children of all ages and introduce them to the benefits of yoga early on. Grow, bend, laugh, and play with fellow parents and children, modeling the joy of yoga postures at any age.
Evelyn Crespo is a yoga instructor and long-time meditator. She shares her deep love of yogic teachings with students of all ages, both adults and children.

Sharing Nature Games
Satyavati Quevedo
When absorbed in deep play our sensory awareness is heightened, we become immersed in the present moment and feel intensely alert and alive. Because play is fun and rewarding, we operate at the peak of our mental and physical capacity. Sharing Nature is a worldwide movement dedicated to helping children and adults deepen their relationship with nature. We use creative, life-changing nature activities and Flow Learning™, a revolutionary teaching system that fosters empathy and makes ecological principles come alive.
Satyavati Quevado has a deep love of children and of nature. She works within the Education for Life system, and has trained with world renowned Deep Nature Play creator, Joseph Bharat Cornell.

Meditate with Your Kids! Building Mindful Families One Breath at a Time
Kshama Kellogg
Stillness is an essential part of understanding our true nature. What could be more important for a young person growing up in the world today? A family practice is a beautiful opportunity to slow down, discover true joy, and connect with your children in a deeper way. Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Meditate regularly, and you will find a joy inside that is real.” Learn how to build a practice of stillness with your little ones and help them to find the peace, joy, calmness, and love that is present when we go within.
Kshama Kellogg teaches 2nd grade at Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto. She practices the meditation techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda and is a certified Ananda Yoga teacher.